Liquid Filling Machine (Activator) (SVM-FLA006)

27 Kasım 2021

Liquid Filling Machine (Activator) (SVM-FLA006)

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1. Liquid Filling Machine (Activator) (SVM-FLA006)
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AISI 304 quality stainless steel construction is used.
It is designed for filling dense liquids.
The filling process is automatic linear system.
While the nozzles are moving up and down, they can be adjusted automatically according to the size of the product.
Filling range: It is between 200 cm3- 1000 cm3.
Number of filling nozzles: 8 pieces.
Capacity: 2700 Pieces / hour.
Filling pipes: AISI 304 stainless steel.
It has bottom and top filling system.
The volume system controlled by PLC (OMRON) guarantees volume adjustment from the screen without any mechanical intervention.
Servo drives also have the advantage of being able to save settings in a memory, recalling 100% repeatable settings and making product changes faster and cleaner than ever before.
The touchscreen LCD is OMRON.
Its pneumatic system is SMC.
It has adjustable filling and suction speed.
Air pressure: 6 bar.
There is a 3 m conveyor system.
The machine error rate during operation shall not be more than 0.003 L.
Dimensions of the machine (WxLxH): 120 x 195 x240 cm.
Power: 4 KW.

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